Wild Souls Hawaii

Wild Souls Hawaii: Wild & Free in the Land of Madame Pele & the Star Stones of Light
Oct 25, 2015 at 3:00pm to Nov 1, 2015 , Big Island of Hawaii

hulaCome with me into the deep healing power of the ancient land and sea of Hawaii and change yourself forever!

Come with me where we will weave the energies of heaven and earth, sea and stars, fire and water, lava and ice, aloha and magic!

Come along and have an adventure where it is all about YOU and your expansion.

We invite you to immerse yourself in deep nature from sun to snow in a place known for its welcoming heart and its honouring of the great living Goddess Pele who is assists with the expression of emotions in real time, sensuality, purpose, confidence, creation and drive.

Experience the newest land on earth being created and… a new YOU!

Come along and ….

* Rejuvenate with delicious organic food, connect more deeply with nature and powerful magic and experience appropriate physical challenges in nature.

* Enjoy the powerful nature energies of Hawaii & teachers dedicated to your transformation.

* Activate your spirit with rituals and blessings designed to cleanse, transform and inspire.

* Luxuriate in accommodation in an area famous for its tranquillity and beauty.

* Plenty of quiet time so you can integrate your learnings with ease before coming home!

Retreat Inclusions:

• Accommodation: You will be staying at the beautiful Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. “Kalani Honua” means harmony of heaven and earth, and this is what this 120 acres of organic environment aspires to with nutritious food, eco-accommodation and a stunning heart-opening location (Your choice of single, twin or triple share).

• Full use of the resort’s facilities including pools, yoga sala, internet and gorgeous tropical grounds. Because Kalani is located in a tropical jungle overlooking the spectacular black lava coast, our accommodations have no need of heating and air-conditioning. Views are everywhere and the flora and fauna are diverse and fascinating. Fall asleep to the chorus of frogs and the hush of the ocean.

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

* Airport transfers to and from resort.

• Full 7 night retreat programme with Stacey Demarco with special guest Hawaiian Indigenous guides.
We are proud to be able to work with you to ensure you experience a true retreat for body, mind and spirit.


– A beautiful in-depth spiritual programme with Stacey designed to clear away your obstacles, enrich your spirit, balance your body, deepen your magical abilities, bring back your enthusiasm and transform yourself. Every day you’ll learn something new – whether it will be through the power of nature as teacher, sessions with Stacey or traditional practitioners, or through the strength of Hawaiian magic.

– Opening Ceremony that includes a special snorkel with the sacred Giant Mantas of Kona. (One of the best places in the world to experience to see these gentle giants and a safe activity for all levels.)

– Sacred Cleansing at Madame Pele’s three waters. Cleanse and revive and swim in volcanically-heated freshwater that percolates from the ground as it combines with the sea! This protected ocean inlet is filled with crystal clear water and is a favourite hangout for Hone (sea turtles).

-Accompany our Elder to the Sacred Navigational Stones and find your true north.

– Meet Madame Pele and experience a powerful communing ritual with one of the world’s most active Goddesses at her source at the live Halemaumau Crater! We will ask Pele to remove what we no longer need and to instead fill us with creative and confident energy! We will explore the summit of Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano and do ritual at the edge of a majestic caldera where you can see steam vents, sulphur banks, rain forests, lava tubes, petroglyphs and much more. (We are always the talk of the island after this ritual!! )

– See the sunset and stargaze from the sacred mountain Mauna Kea, one of the premium astronomical sites in the world, and make an offering to the Snow Goddess! (Bring warm clothes- it’s so high it can snow!)

-Explore The Place of Refuge, Pu’uhonua O Honaunau, at the ancient Kahuna Temple of Kona and feel the power of a ritual of forgiveness performed at one of Hawaii’s most sacred places with our elder.

-Experience a US- style Halloween! Trick or treating, Halloween party, full dressing (bring your outfit) and a beautiful private Samhain ritual.

– Meditation, nature walks, yoga and hula!

– Meet like minds, laugh out loud and free your spirit.

• And as always, so much more… even surprise gifts!

Plus: Everything is optional! This is your retreat! Plenty of time to just be quiet and rest if your choose.

Just think: No work, no cooking, no pressure, no stress! Leave it to us!
This retreat is for those who have some basic understanding and experience of ritual or energy raising or who have attended one of our retreats previously. We assume a basic level of fitness. (Any doubts just ask us!).

ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE: $3450 twin share or $4250 single (airfare not included).

Deposit is $750 to hold your place.

FREQUENT RETREATERS BONUS! If you have been on any of my retreats before, you will receive a bonus discount of $200 off the price.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: If you pay your deposit before 30th June, 2014 you will receive a special Watsu treatment at Kalani with my compliments. Watsu is an incredibly nurturing shiatsu massage done in a warm pool with an expert who fully supports you- believe me, there is nothing quite like it.

HURRY: Small group only. Stacey’s Retreats sell out quickly.

Call Richard on 0400345113 to reserve your place or for more information.


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There are some rare places in the world that have escaped the cruelty of man’s hand. They are very few, yet they exist. These places often have custodians, those who love and deeply connect with these places, protecting them and living as part of the circle within them, part of, not apart.

The Great Bear Forest of British Columbia, Canada is such a place. This is a wilderness so pristine and protected that some animals may not encounter a human for their whole lives. It is the largest remaining untouched temperate rainforest on the planet. Towering green, forested mountains give way to river valley bottoms and estuaries which teem with wild salmon. It is the home of the great Grizzly Bear, coastal wolves, cougar, wolverines and many other terrestrial mammals. The Pacific Ocean, which laps the forest’s shores, is home to pods of Orca and Humpback Whales who swim and hunt in the labyrinthine complex of fiords and channels.

The First Peoples of this conservancy, the Kitasoo/Xia’ Xia are such custodians. It is here in the Great Bear Rainforest that the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation has lived since time immemorial. They have shared the forest and the salmon in harmony with all animals, plants and minerals and whilst all beings are important to these First Peoples, there is a very special creature they call moskgm’ol (white bear).

Their legend of the origin of moskgm’ol holds that “Goo-wee (Raven) made one in every ten black bears white to remind the people of a time when glaciers covered this land and how the people should be thankful of the lush and bountiful land of today.” Many of the Kitasoo/Xai’xais believe these bears hold super-natural powers, hence the name Spirit Bear. The Great Bear Rainforest is the only place in the world where Spirit Bears exist.

This is an extraordinary place and an extraordinary people.
And we have been invited by the Kitasoo/ Xia’ Xias to immerse ourselves in their land and their culture and experience a once in a lifetime journey…

As Winter’s grip recedes, we have been given special permission to visit very early in the season before other visitors. We will be personally guided into these lands and into the culture of these First Peoples. We will be shown the medicines of the forest, we will listen to the guiding stories of this ancient culture, we will dance their dances, we will walk side-by-side with the men charged with protecting the animals and land, “The Watchers.” Every day, we will experience another animal, another ecosystem another facet of mythos, another deeper level of nature-based experience, all seen through the world view of the Kitasoo/Xia’Xias. There may be other places in the world to spot a wolf, but nowhere else where you will learn why this wolf at this time in this place is important to you.

We will also have the opportunity to engage hands-on in a research approach that honours the cultural importance and sensitivity of the bears. (More info below).

All the while, you will be staying in Spirit Bear Lodge in the heart of the region. Built and run by the Kitasoo/Xia Xia. Spirit Bear Lodge has only 12 beautiful rooms and architecturally, the exterior of the Spirit Bear Lodge pays homage to the traditional long houses built for thousands of years by West Coast First Nations. Inside, the atmosphere is modern and relaxing yet culturally authentic. After a day of adventure, we will share stories in “The Great Room”, an intimate central room with comfy couches, 20-foot high, ocean view windows, local Tsimshian Art. Gaze out towards the grey blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and watch for passing Orcas, White-Sided Dolphins and Sea Lions. Listen to the silence as you revel in the natural wonders of the pristine and raw landscapes that surrounds you.

Wild Souls Spirit Bear will bring to life authentic contemporary First Nations culture and offer unparalleled adventure in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. It is hard to explain to you how special this place is and how special our invitation, so perhaps watch this:


Your retreat includes:

– Full retreat programme with Stacey Demarco and Kitasoo Xia’ Xia First Nation Elders and Guides that will be dedicated to your expanding your heart, deepening your spiritual path and ensuring your transformation through the power of nature and mythos.


– All accommodation (June 18-25th, 2016- 8 days, 7 nights twin share basis) from Day 1 in the exclusive Spirit Bear Lodge through to our last night in a boutique hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

– Domestic flight from Vancouver airport to Bella Bella and then onto Klemtu (280 naugtical miles from Vancouver)via a scenic ferry ride across the channel to Spirit Bear Lodge.

– All transport within the conservancy.

– All fresh delicious meals whilst at the lodge. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks starting with dinner on Day 1
– All adventure activities with our hosts…dependent on weather and animal movements, daily choices may include:
• Full day excursions to main wildlife viewing area on Mussell, Kynoch or Khutze River estuaries
• Full day Spirit Bear quest and exclusive access to the Canoona River
• Full day Spirit Bear quest to other areas on Princess Royal Island and in the Spirit Bear Conservancy.
• Daytrip to UNESCO World Heritage candidate site Dis’ju
• Marine tour for Humpback whale viewing in Finlayson Channel
• Boat excursions to Kitasu Hill, a basaltic cinder cone and the best preserved volcano in Milbanke Sound
• Beachcombing and beach exploration of Kitasu Bay
• Cultural and natural history sites interpretive boat tour
• Grizzly tracking tour
• Estuary exploration by sea-kayak
• Plant medicine walks,
• Northwest Coast indigenous art workshops
• Cedar basket weaving
• Authentic dance performances and story telling by village elders.
• Interaction with “The Watchmen”

– Research
We will also have the opportunity to engage hands-on in a research approach that honours the cultural importance and sensitivity of the bears. Grizzly, black and spirit bears – as well as wolverine, cougar and wolf – visit non-invasive hair snagging stations. Caught on remote camera, these animals visit the sites and leave tiny amounts of their hair on a barbed-wire corral they must cross over. From a few hairs, leading-edge molecular techniques can reveal the species, gender and even individual identity of the visiting animal. Chemical signatures in hair can reveal diet and even hormone levels – all without harassment of these special animals. Come join us in making scientific history on the first research project of its kind.

– Night-time meditation around the campfire and animal guide facilitation.

– Airport transfers to last night accommodation in Vancouver.

– Loads of surprises and gifts AS USUAL!

ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE: $6299 twin share. Talk to us about the possibility of single accommodation. Payment plans available.

Deposit is non refundable $1000 to hold your place. Small group ONLY.

FREQUENT RETREATERS BONUS! If you have been on any of my retreats before, you will receive a bonus discount of $200 off the price.

What the retreat doesn’t include:

– Personal spending money

– Alcoholic drinks

– Your airfare.

– Travel insurance

– Worry, boredom and work (Yep, we aim to leave those behind somewhere pretty early 😀 )

THIS IS YOUR RETREAT so almost everything is optional!

As this is a true wilderness experience, a certain level of fitness is required. When in the conservancy you will experience uneven ground and you may be walking for approx 3+hours or more per day. You will be getting in and out of boats and kayaks. It may rain sometimes but nothing that good boots and waterproofs can’t fix). If in doubt whether you’ll be ok fitness-wise for this trip, just ask us and we will work things through with you.

Again, this is a very special once-in-a-lifetime invitation and opportunity. I would be honoured to host you.

“Remember: Nature allows not just a chance to go back to our true selves, which is incredible enough, but we get to create our new story moving forward. We get to renew. We get to transform far easier than in any other place. We are able to be the hero in our own mythos the one that WE write. Deep Nature gently invites us to be very present, to be very alive in it’s aliveness, flooded in beauty and in this moment of sheer oneness, we realize anything is possible. We realize suddenly that we are already ‘home’, that we have already arrived at a very good place, and our next steps can only bring more happiness.”
– From “The Disconnect”, by Stacey Demarco.

Come with me to a place where you can be nourished, transformed and made whole again. Come with the first Nations and myself, write your new mythos and feel who you really are.

Just contact Richard on 0400345113 or bookings@themodernwitch.com