Do you ever feel disconnected? Or that life is overwhelming? Do you feel tired and lacklustre? Do you ever feel like all you see are the same four walls of your office or your home? Do you feel like you are living in a box?

spinningsunsetsmallIt’s so easy to forget our primal humanness from time to time, especially when we are surrounded by big buildings, concrete and are stimulated by the technological overload that has come to define this century.

Many of us have forgotten the inherent healing power of Nature and just how innately connected as humans to it that we really are. Yet we ignore our own humanness by turning our backs on the ‘outside’.

Thinking more about what we really are- human animals- gives us a deeper insight into what is ‘good’ for us and becoming a Natureluster is the fun and easy way to start connecting to the big green room of the planet.

A Natureluster is someone who knows that nature energises them and refills their personal well. That it balances them. That the wonder and awe of every day miracles like a sunset, or a flower opening or a walk in the park is more beneficial to their body and mind than sitting on a couch in front of the TV or eating lunch in front of the computer. A Natureluster is someone who knows that actively engaging with the environment, with the land, with the stars, the sun, the sea- all of it- benefits them in real, measureable ways. And what’s more- its costs nothing most of the time.

But everyone who wants some change has to start somewhere…

The innovative Natureluster Programme will help you feel more connected and it will positively change your life. Once you start getting outside in the ways we suggest you won’t just love the big green room you’ll LUST after it!


The Natureluster Programme takes a simple holistic approach to how we live in the world and you will love the balance it brings to your life. Even if you adopt a small number of the recommendations you will notice profound benefits to your physical and psychological health.

If a spiritual practice is important to you (no matter what it is) you will notice that deepen and if that’s not your thing you will still feel a greater connection to ‘you’.

And we know it works. We have done the research*. After the completion of the Natureluster Programme the vast majority of participants said they felt more relaxed, calmer, centred, happier and more energised. Many reported experiencing improved sleep and a stronger desire to exercise greater self-care.

Being a Natureluster will make you feel more connected and curious about your environment. And don’t be surprised if your deepening appreciation and connection to nature will inspire you to take more action to help protect it.

Like with any programme, there is always a period of adjustment, when you are getting the hang of things. This is why our initial programme lasts for 12 weeks (3 months). It starts slow and then builds … and we know that works too.

And best of all? It’s FREE.

So if you want to feel demonstrably more vital and balanced in your body, feel more optimistic and calm in your mind and more connected in your spirit- just for starters, why not check out Natureluster.

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