Natureluster and it’s Publishing House is founded by Stacey Demarco, Author, Pagan and earth-centred Activist. Coming from a successful corporate background, she intimately understands the process by which it becomes easy to disconnect from your humanness when you work within the 12th story of a building, sitting in front of a computer screen every day and getting stuck in an hour plus worth of choking traffic, five days a week.

The term “Naturelusting”, which has now entered the vernacular, was originally coined by Demarco and features strongly in her new book about why human disconnection with nature makes us physically, mentally and spiritually unwell. The book, “The Disconnect” will be released internationally early in 2015. The free Natureluster Programme featured on this site is one of the key recommendations presented as a solution within the book.

“I want everyone to get out into the big green room, put their feet in the dirt and heart in the earth. Humans, we are a funny lot- we will save what we love. Chances are, if we reconnect with the magnificence of the planet in a real way, we will again love it and lust after it and we will most likely feel predisposed to save it. And thus, save ourselves.”

Demarco is based in Sydney, Australia where she lives by the sea with her husband and animals.  She is an avid adventure traveller, photographer, beekeeper, horsewoman, and a very average surfer; the latter she has now fully accepted that there will be no great improvement. Ever.


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