OG_Cover__ehsop__64678_zoomNatureluster Publishing is a small publishing house dedicated to being a catalyst for change in the areas of our connection with nature, animals, the environment, and science. We are especially interested in reconnecting humans with their original respect and love of the earth.

Words are a catalyst for change and we want change!

Many of us have forgotten the inherent healing power of Nature and just how innately connected as humans to it that we really are. Yet we ignore our own humanness by turning our backs on the ‘outside’.

Our first publication, The Ocean Guardians Diary was created as a fundraiser for the Sea Shepherd and as a reason to fall in love with the ocean again. After all, humans tend to save what they love. You can purchase your own copy of the Ocean Guardians diary here and know you are not only supporting the Sea Shepherd but you are supporting ocean health!

Once a year we are open to accepting manuscripts from authors. We do not do vanity publishing. We ask no money from our authors. We publish you, full stop. If we pick you: we back you! We put our expertise behind you. We invest in you because we think you can make a difference to our planet.

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