organic-FoodDo you feel overwhelmed by all the food choices and the latest expensive fad ‘diets’? Don’t you wish eating was a simple and pleasurable experience? If so, the Natureluster Programme can help you.

Food is such a powerful thing. It can be like medicine if harnessed appropriately or like poison if abused.

We eat it at least three times a day and it is one of the simplest ways we can create change in our body, mind and the environment!

The Natureluster Programme will have you looking at your food from a fresh, healthy perspective. Whilst we believe a plant-based diet is ideal we understand that this is not something everyone can or wants to do and that is why we have made the Natureluster Programme suitable for everyone.

The Natureluster Programme advocates what we simply call Primary Foods; that is foods that are as close to the form that nature provides that you don’t cook to eat. They include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Raw fish, untreated honey, raw cacao and oil are also primary foods.

The Natureluster Programme advocates that Primary Foods make up the bulk of your diet- making a salad with all primary foods is still a primary food!

Foods that require a little bit of cooking or preparation are called Secondary Foods on the Natureluster Programme. This includes things like a stir-fry, steaming your vegetables, making soup or grilling meat. Other examples include eggs and grains such as rice, quinoa, lentils etc.

Foods that are processed or combined and cooked in a complex way are called Processed Foods. They include things like cakes or more complex recipes that would be made from primary foods like a curry or risotto.

Foods that are processed, combined or cooked with a number of chemicals or preservatives are called Man-Made Foods. Typical ‘fast food’ would come under this category as well as canned, bottled food and even instant coffee.

The Natureluster Programme will have you mindfully eating a Primary Food wherever possible or a delicious Secondary Food; and combined with the other components of the Natureluster Programme we know you will reap the benefits.

We only ask for an 8-week commitment on the food side of things- just to get you started. Most of our research participants continued to follow the Primary and Secondary guidelines well after the initial commitment… and many reported positive effects such as more energy, weight loss/weight balance, less emotional eating and less ingestion of Man Made Foods.