shutterstock_53261134Do your kids spend way too much time in front of the TV or playing video games?

Do you wish your kids would spend more time outside and connected with nature?

The Natureluster Programme isn’t just for grown ups.

Children are naturally curious and lovers of being outside- but the over use of technology and the busyness of modern life has meant that more time is spent indoors than out.

It’s fun and easy to include the whole family in your Naturelusting activities and many parents have easily integrated the whole family into the 3 month Natureluster Programme.

The Natureluster Programme can help to get the whole family outside: together! Not only will your children get the same benefits of feeling calmer, happier and more centred but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to help strengthen the bonds of family by spending quality time together without the distractions of the TV or video games; and they may even learn something!

As a parent you are your child’s greatest teacher: lead them into a world where they feel more connected and can grow their appreciation for the world we live in.

Don’t let your children be the excuse for you to not get outside:
Your children can be the reason you GO outside!

Naturelusting doesn’t just provide benefits for adults; children can experience the same reported outcomes of feeling more relaxed, calmer, clearer and happier too!

Some ways you can encourage more Naturelusting time with your children include:

  • Walking to and from school together instead of driving; it’s not only healthier and better for the environment but it’s a great way to spend some quality time together
  • Start a vegetable garden with your children and spend time on it daily; kids tend to eat what they grow and they will learn a lot too!
  • Bring you children with you when you take the dog for a walk
  • Utilise the amenities in your local area- go to the park and play on the swings or have a picnic!
  • Instead of a Sunday trip to the movies how about a Sunday family bike ride
  • Don’t limit yourself to sunny warm weather- kids love nothing more than putting on some gumboots and splashing in puddles (some grown ups love it too!)
  • How about making the next family holiday a camping holiday and go somewhere you can see the stars.