Now until September 14th, 2014


Whatever your profession, donate a session for the sea! This is a really simple but powerful way to help love the ocean and everything in it just that little harder and you don’t even have to leave your desk.
No matter whether you love or hate your work, we are asking that you donate the dollars you would receive for a session of your profession (hour, service, consult,appointment), of whatever it is you do to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Foundation! Whilst we may not be able to all crew those boats or personally stop those whalers, seal furriers or shark finners, we can certainly help fund the vital direct action that the Sea Shepherd uniquely offers.

So let’s imagine this: You get say $50 for an hour of your time professionally- that’s your donation to the Sheps and your clients/customers can choose you especially to use just because you’ll make that donation!!! Heck- I’d choose you and lots of others will too. Win-Win people!

Now I know there are some of you water lovin’ dudes that are doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, accountants and experts of all kinds and that your hourly rate is well- let’s say over $50. So hey, that still means you- in fact, especially you! We will actively promo you too so everyone knows what a great person you are…but that shouldnt be the reason you do this right?

If you are a supporter, just email us or visit this FB page and we will supply you with electronic banners and e-posters to advertise your support. Why not even grab yourself a group or get your whole business involved and make a day or hey, even a week of it? Yep- again, win-win.

You can raise funds from right now but our big push will be the week of September 7-13th, 2014. We hope to hand in a whopping whale like $50K as a minimum, but we know we will do better than that! Right?

Don’t forget to say where you are from and what your business is on the comments box on crowdrise or here- we want to support those who support us and the sea.

Be a part of the solution!

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