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This is a national event and it is in our third year!

On Saturday October 18 at 10am, join members of eco-group The 5000, for a “Beach Clean Up For The Whales” in locations across the country.As well as the practical side of clearing rubbish, the joint day of action aims to raise awareness of the on-going issues of rubbish and pollution on our beaches and in our oceans.
Founder of Sea Shepherd, Captain Paul Watson, says the clean up event is just one example of how we can all save whales, and our oceans, right here at home. “Plastic pollution is a greater threat to the oceans than oil pollution. Every piece of plastic cleaned from a beach can save a life.”

Marine debris, and particularly plastic, is a hazard to all sea creatures. Wildlife often becomes entangled in the debris, or can mistakenly ingest plastic. The animals are left suffering severe and often prolonged injuries. The devastating end result is the death of countless marine species including turtles, seabirds, fish, seals, dolphins and even whales.

Stacey Demarco, author of The Ocean Guardians Diary 2014 says: “Last year we ran a successful events all across the country including Manly Beach in Sydney and literally removed a sea of rubbish from a very clean appearing shoreline. This year, we go even bigger with even more events all over the country. Not only will we be doing good for the oceans it will be a fun event with the participants in fancy dress! I predict lots of pirates and mermaids descending on the beaches! ”
Participants are encouraged to come as their favourite sea creature, pirate or mythical ocean creature and they will meet and work alongside Sea Shepherd crew members. Prizes will be offered!

If you would like to be involved email us or go to :

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