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I have just been in a big concrete box for 5 days straight. Nope. Not a jail but an exhibition centre. I was there for a great reason. I was at a Mind Body & Spirit Festival connecting with thousands of folks and telling them all about an earth-connected life. (Yes, I am aware of the irony.)

Now I knew I would be in there for five days and so busy that I wouldn’t be seeing the sunlight, feeling the wind in my hair, breathing fresh air, and feeling anything but carpet and concrete beneath my feet. The days would be long, yet I would not see the cycles of nature at all. It also reminded me how that a decade ago five days straight of little or no nature would have been the norm for me and how much I have grown to know myself and my body’s need for nature.

I needed my ‘A’ game for those 5 days and that meant I needed to prepare. I needed to charge up my batteries the best way I know how. So, I went, as the Australian Aborigines term, ‘walkabout’.

My husband and I spent the weekend before in deep nature. I swam in springs so green and clear I felt like I was swimming in the centre of a sparkling gem of jade. I got buzzed by eagles. We listened to a lonesome dingo howl upon the dawn. We walked through miles of acacia and gums and smelt the primoridal green of wetlands. We got bitten by mozzies and I got stung by fire ants- as you do- but mostly, I got charged up. Batteries at full.

So, here I am, day after a huge five days in the big concrete box. I feel, surprisingly, pretty darn good. Yes the voice is a bit croaky-Joan Rivers as it always is after that many days of non-stop talking but the prep in deep nature worked for me and I’m sure it can work for you.

Plan ahead. Get your green fix. Get your light fix. Get your love fix. And watch your mind, body and spirit thank you.

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