Twice a year, Natureluster will award Seed Grants to eligible individuals who want to make a positive change in the areas of the protection of the environment and animals; and encouraging people to connect with nature more often.

Grants will be between $100-$1000 or in the case of written works, you may be published by Natureluster Publishing.

Your proposal MUST cover the following points as a minimum:

  • The purpose and intention for your project/idea/business
  • How it relates to the areas of positive change we have outlined above
  • Your prior experience and record of taking ACTION towards a goal in this area or another associated area
  • How much you require and what you will do with that grant EXACTLY.

Natureluster only accepts proposals via email to: and only during the open times.

September 1-31, 2015
January 1-30, 2016

We will assess your proposal and advise you on whether you have been successful or not.

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